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Andbell Stud

Andbell Stud is set over 70 acres of some of the finest pastureland in the very heart of the picturesque A. Milne’s Pooh Country. Established in 1985, it is the base for Norwegian born Mette Campbell-Andenaes breeding operation. For many years Andbell was also home for high level show-jumpers competing internationally under the saddle of Mette’s daughter Monica Campbell until an injury forced her to put the riding gear aside in 2009.
Having spent the breeding season closer to the stallion stations, most of the broodmares return to Andbell Stud in late spring. Much of the young stock is reared at the stud and it is also the favourite holiday break destination for our horses in training. All the facilities have been set up primarily with the horses’ wellbeing in mind. Our main objective is to provide the best possible environment for raising sound racehorses and to give each one of them a chance (or two) to prove their abilities.

"The soils at Andbell Stud are excellent for producing the highest quality horse pastures. The soil textures range from loam to clay loam giving them the ability to hold moisture well during periods of hot dry weather. The management team at Andbell has done an excellent job of carrying out my recommendations over the last 10 years and the soil fertility values are nearly perfect for raising sound racehorses.  Uptake of critical nutrients has been confirmed by regular herbage analysis.  The pasture composition has been steadily improved into its current high quality by seeding, aerating and judicious use of herbicides."
Roger Allman (Managing Director of The Farm Clinic)


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